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At Europcar Cyprus we have no in hidden charges - we openly display all applicable charges to our customers. All prices shown on this site are in € Euro and include VAT. Below are the general terms and conditions applied to every rental.

1. Driver Eligibility

All drivers must be over 25 years of age and have held a full driving license for at least 1 year. Drivers aged between 21 and 25 years old to drive a rental car PROVIDED that they have held a full driving license for a minimum of 3 years. Such drivers are required to pay an additional charge of €10.00 per rental day. Maximum driving age is generally 78 years old. Such drivers are required to pay an additional charge of €10.00 per rental day. Our station staff will decide if a driver is of sufficient health to be in control of a motor vehicle, and we reserve the right to refuse any rental on the grounds of ill-health. In case one person does not feel like doing all the driving, we have the provision to add up to two additional drivers on a rental agreement. An additional charge of €7.00 per rental day, per additional driver. Note - all drivers must meet the criteria described above for driver eligibility. All drivers, whether Main or Additional, regardless of age, are required to show their driving license to one of our staff before taking delivery of their car.

2. Insurance Cover

The daily rental price shown includes our standard insurance, as required by law, and also Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which provides cover against repair costs relating to our vehicle in the event of any damage occurring. The hirer only pays the policy excess of €900 to €2500 (Dependant on group and model have taken). This cover excludes damage to tires, the windscreen or the oil-sump, for which the hirer remains responsible at all times. This level of insurance cover is standard with every rental and is sufficient for a hirer to legally drive the vehicle in Cyprus. Drivers have the option to increase their level of insurance cover if they so choose. Wheels and Windscreen Insurance Waiver (WWI) is offered for €6.00 per rental day, which increases the cover to include all parts of the vehicle, including tires, windscreen, and oil-sump. The policy excess still applies. This additional insurance must be selected at the start of the rental, and payment is taken locally prior to delivery of the vehicle. Alternatively, a number of protection packages are available to limit or to ZERO the liability. Drivers may choose our fully-comprehensive insurance policy, known as Full Protection (SEDW). For €12.00 per day, this option includes all the cover provided by WWI and additionally reduces the policy excess to € ZERO. Also included is of personal accident insurance (excluding Driver), underwritten by the Cyprus Hire Risk Pool. All additional insurances or protection packages must be selected at the start of the rental.

3. Insurance Limitations

Insurance limitations are clearly shown on the reverse of every rental contract issued. No insurance cover whatsoever is provided if a vehicle is driven into the occupied Northern Area of the island, if a vehicle is driven on an unsurfaced road, or if there is negligence on the part of the driver. Such negligence includes (but is not limited to) driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to adhere to road traffic regulations, failure to report an accident to the police, or intentionally trying to damage the vehicle. In any of these cases, the driver becomes responsible for the market value of our vehicle as well as recovery costs and any costs relating to third-party claims.

4. Fuel

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel. This is not included in the rental cost and must be paid for in advance at the start of the rental (charged at an average price per liter) and the car is returned without re-fuelling at the end of the rental. NOTE: Unused fuel is not refundable. The price of a full tank of fuel varies according to Group and engine size. Petrol prices can fluctuate daily, but our price will always be based on the average price per liter charged at filling stations across the island.

5. Deliveries and Collections

Delivery can be made to any hotel in Cyprus or to one of our offices, a fixed charge of €20.00 (within city limits) Deliveries are available between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00. Outside these hours, deliveries can only be made to one of our airport branches and an Out Of Hour's supplement of €20.00 will apply. Delivery locations outside if city limits of the nearest Europcar office are available (e.g. deliveries to Troodos region). In such cases, an Out Of Limits supplement of €20.00 will apply. At the end of the rental, vehicles should be returned to the original delivery place so that collection can be made. If the return location is different from the delivery location, a One Way supplement of €35.00 will apply.

Note: Airport collections Please note, for any collection from either Paphos or Larnaca Airport from 1st November 2008 are subject to a €20.00 Airport Delivery Fee, which will be charged on collection of the car. Please check your booking voucher for further information.

6. Extra Accessories

For the benefit of families with young children, we are able to supply child-seats upon request with our cars. There are two types of child restraints available seats (for infants 6 - 36 months old) and booster seats (for children 3 - 7 years old). Child seats must be requested at the time of booking. Each seat costs €9.00 per rental day. Payment is collected locally prior to delivery of the vehicle. Please note that a maximum of 2 child seats can be fitted into any vehicle We do not supply child seats for infants under 6 months old. Security deposits are mandatory for all vehicles. Upon collection, you must present a valid credit card (in the name of the main driver) to enable a security deposit of minimum €300.00/ and or CDW excess to be preauthorized.

7. Payment / Security Deposits

All rental charges are payable in advance. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Any additional supplements to the normal rental price, as shown above, will be collected by one of our staff prior to delivery of the rental vehicle. All customers will receive a rental contract showing a detailed breakdown of all charges. Please note we do not accept Diners Card.

8. Traffic Fines

Drivers remain responsible for any parking or speeding fines they may incur whilst drive one of our vehicles. Payment should be made to the local relevant authorities prior to leaving the island. Unpaid fines can be pursued overseas by Cypriot authorities and may incur further penalties for the delay, plus a local administration charge from Europcar of €30.00 per penalty.

9. Accidents

In the event of an accident, drivers must notify us the same moment of the incident taking place. Our 24-hour emergency line is printed on the top of every rental contract and on the car key ring itself, rental stations during working hours may also assist with accident reporting. Please note that failure to follow these instructions may invalidate any / all insurance.

10. Cancellations / Early Returns

No refunds can be made locally for rentals ended early, late collections, for no-shows or for cancellations made after the rental start date. Please contact our Customer Service department at +357-25880222 if you require further information or assistance in this matter. Working Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00. Please note that orders cannot be canceled by email. (Law 14(I)/2000)

11. Settlement of disputes

For any dispute relating to this contract and so far as permitted by Cyprus law: - If the hire is an individual, the court will be chosen according to the local law - If the hire is not an individual the court will be chosen exclusively according to the place where the Owner has his registration office.

12. Customer Service is managed by Andy Spyrou Rentals LTD at 86 Franklin Roosevelt, Limassol 3011, Cyprus.

For further assistance, our Customer Service team is here to assist you.

Please contact via email to

Company Registration no. HE20633.

Company VAT no. 99000016M.

E-Commerce Law L156(I)/2004 & Amendment Law L97(I)/2007

 DescriptionRate DescriptionRate
UNDER 25Driver aged 21-25


per day

EXTRA DRIVERExtra named driver on policy (max 2 per agreement)


per day

OVER 70Driver over 70 -78 years old


per day

WWIWWI Cover (Tyres, Glass)


per day

OUT OF HOURSDelivery between 20.00 and 08.00 (NOT AIRPORTS)€20,00MEDIUM PROTECTIONMedium Protection Package, REDUCED EXCESS COVER


per day

OUT OF LIMITSDelivery to places beyond town limits of our offices€20,00FULL PROTECTIONFull Protection Package, ZERO EXCESS


per day

ONE WAYReturn location differs from delivery location€35,00CHILD SEATChild seat for infants aged 6 - 36 months old


per day

AIRPORT FEEAirport Delivery Fee€20,00BOOSTERChild seat for children aged 3 - 7 years old


per day

Europcar shall use best efforts to ascertain the accuracy of the information published on the Site, the contents of which it reserves the right to amend at any time without notice. Europcar shall bear no liability pursuant to the reservation or reservation-simulation service available on the site and all the official Europcar sites. The terms and conditions of reservation and rental of Europcar vehicles are subject to amendment at any time. The Europcar on-line vehicle-rental service shall not give rise to any liability of Europcar, in tort or contract, directly or indirectly. The pricing information provided by the online reservation service is information based on the data provided by the Customer. In no event shall on-line reservation of a Europcar vehicle be treated as constituting a rental contract. Each official Europcar site contains a reminder, in the language of the Customers at which it is directed, and according to the statutes and regulations in force in the country where the services will be provided, of the terms of reservation and rental of Europcar vehicles. Those terms shall be notified to the Customer on request. If that warning does not appear on the official site, the Customer shall be deemed to have received sufficient information from this caution. In any event, the vehicle-rental contract shall be formed only at the time when the Customer withdraws his or her vehicle and signs the rental contract, accepting the rental terms contained in it.


The information collected by Europcar regarding its Customers is so obtained in various ways, including in particular, but not only, through the Site or the websites of its subsidiaries and franchisees, but also through the online reservation service or through membership of the Europoints program or any frequent-user card program insofar as name, forename, address, telephone and fax number, date of birth, driver's licence number, e-mail address, credit card information, etc. may be requested and retained. By using this Site, the Customer expressly permits Europcar to use the information provided to it and to forward it to its subsidiaries and franchisees, companies affiliated to its group, and trading partners. At the time of each collection of information, Europcar will ask the Customer to confirm his or her consent to use of the information so collected and remind him or her of his or her rights under the applicable legislation.

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