Rental Agreement and Terms & Conditions (English)


The Owner rents to the Hirer whose signature appears on the reverse of this page, the vehicle described on the reverse of this Rental Contract, on the terms and conditions stated on both sides of this rental contract which the Hirer accepts and agrees to observe.


On pain of being excluded from insurance coverage, the Hirer agrees:

A. Not to permit the vehicle to be driven by anyone than himself or persons approved by the owner. Further it is the Hirer’s responsibility to make sure that all drivers of the v e h i c l e   a r e designated drivers and their names and details appear on the appropriate space on the other side of this rental agreement. They must be over 21 years of age and holders of a valid full driving license of at least 3 years. If they are over 25 years of age they need to be holders  of an 1 year valid driving license.

B. The Hirer undertakes that the vehicle will not be used:

I)  For paid carriage of passengers and in races.

II)    To push or tow any vehicle or trailer .

III)   By anyone under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.

IV)   For illegal purposes.

V)   While overloaded by passengers, in other words carrying more passengers than permitted by the registration papers of the said vehicle.

VI) In case of a vehicle licensed to carry goods, with a load over the limit permitted by the registration papers of the said vehicle.

C) The Hirer undertakes to keep said vehicle closed and locked when not in use, keeping in his possession the vehicle's papers, which shall in no case be left in the vehicle.

D) The Hirer shall in no event assign, sell, mortgage or pledge this contract, the vehicle, its equipment or tools, or treat the same in any way detrimental to the Owner.

E) The hirer may drive the car only  on  roads within the geographical  area of Cyprus which are under the full control of the legal and recognized Government of the Republic of Cyprus or   the British Base Areas.   The vehicle may not be driven in areas or roads at present under th control of the Turkish occupation forces or the Turkish Cypriots or in near proximity to such areas. In such a case the Hirer is not only excluded from any insurance cover but he is also excluded from any legal or breakdown or other support.

F) The Hirer may not drive the car on non asphalt covered rorads, dirt or uneven roads.

The Hirer will be held personally responsible for any infraction (accidental or deliberated) of any of the above rules either by himself or by any of the drivers of the car. He also remains personally responsible for the entire amount of all direct or indirect damages or expenses or costs caused to the vehicle or the owner, regardless of any insurance or other covers or waivers purchased.

Further, any infraction of any of these undertakings empowers the Owner to demand return of the vehicle forthwith.


The hirer acknowledges that he received the said vehicle in proper operating condition and clean.

Tyres: The five tyres are in good condition, without punctures. In event of damage to any of them by any cause other than normal wear, the Hirer agrees to replace the same forthwith at his expense with a tyre of the same quality and dimensions. Hirer is excluded from responsibility if he had obtained and paid for the extra damage waiver option (EDW). Driving the car on a flat tyre or uneven roads cancels any cover.

Windscreen, other  glasses  and oil sump:  The Hirer remains responsible to cover any damages to the windscreen, other glasses and oil sump of the vehicle. Hirer is excluded from responsibility if he had obtained and paid for the extra damage waiver option (EDW).

Car Key: The hirer remains responsible for the cost of a replacement key, in case of loss or damage. Further in the case that the Hirer loses the car key, he is not entitled to any refund in terms of “lost-time” from his car rental term. The same applies in the case that the keys are locked in the car. No insurance cover or waiver applies.

Upholstery and interior space:  The Hirer remains responsible  for the cost of repair of any damages on the upholstery or interior space of the vehicle. No insurance cover or waiver applies. Engine: The Hirer agrees that he will respond properly to any panel warning light/screens

and or messages of the vehicle. Failure to do so turns the Hirer personally responsible for any

damages produced on the engine or other parts of the vehicle. No insurance cover or waiver applies.

4x4 Transmission: The Hirer who drives a 4x4 vehicle agrees that he knows how to use the 4x4 gearbox and that improper use (for example driving the car in 4x4 on motor way) that results to damages  turn him personally  responsible  to cover  all cost related to such improper use.


The rental price and the rental prepayment are determined by the applicable rate lists and are payable in advance. In any case prepayment may not serve to extend the rental. If the Hirer wishes to keep the vehicle for a period exceeding that agreed to originally, and in order to obviate disputes, he shall, after obtaining the owner’s agreement, prepay for the extension.

The Hirer agrees to return the vehicle to the rental  agent on the date specified in the rental agreement. Return of the vehicle by the Hirer to the rental agent at the designated location alone terminates the contract.

The Hirer cannot return the car to any other place than the one specified on the rental agreement without the written consent of the owner.

Without the written consent of the owner, customer remains responsible for all the rental charges.

In case the hirer does not return the car on the agreed date and/ or place, the owner preserves the right to terminate the rental and collect the car on his own without any monetary or legal obligations against the hirer. The hirer still remains responsible for all rental charges or expenses that may arise due to the above actions.

In case the Hirer returns the vehicle to the owner or agent before the agreed period the Hirer shall not be entitled to any refund of the agreed rental charges. Any outstanding balance remains payable by the Hirer. The owner may credit the Hirer with the pro-rata sum for  a future rental agreement.

The Hirer undertakes to state to the rental agent his home and local address.

Article 4 - PAYMENTS

The Hirer undertakes to pay to the Owner on demand:

a) The additional charge for inter-city service, if any, or if said vehicle is left at a place other than that stipulated without the Owner's written consent, a lump sum stated in the applicable rate list.

b) The additional charges for out of opening hours or out of town's limits delivery of the said vehicle.

c) The rental time charges, the special Accident insurance premiums and the sundry fees and charges.

d) A sum limited to the amount indicated as “excess” for repair of possible damages caused to the vehicle, if the hirer did not agree to pay the charge due in case of reduction of the deductible (SCDW), provided e3 does not apply.

e1) If the hirer paid with this agreement for Collision Damage Waiver he will be covered against the  damage  to  the  said  vehicle  to  be  caused  from  collision as  a result  of his negligence except the amount that is indicated as a deductible (excess) amount in the CDW row on the front side of this rental agreement.

e2) If the hirer did not pay with this agreement for Collision Damage Waiver he is responsible for the market value / cost of replacement of the said vehicle.

e3) With or without CDW, customer will be excluded from any coverage in case of customer's negligence and non-compliance with the conditions of both sides of this     rental agreement. In such a case, the full damage cost will be payable to the owner.

f) All direct and indirect taxes and assessments payable on the rentals, premiums,    charges and allowances specified in all paragraphs.

g) Upon demand for payment, the payment of the sums due pursuant to this contract by   the Hirer to the Owner shall be paid within 48 hours. Default of which, as well as the  amount in principal and the recoverable costs, the Hirer shall have to pay the contractual interests at prime cost plus three per cent.

h) The Hirer remains responsible for all fines, charges,   costs and taxes for any and all infringements  of traffic, parking or other laws for which the vehicle, the Hirer or the Owner is responsible during the term of the contract  plus  an amount  of 40€ as administration  cost.

i) The hirer undertakes and agrees to pay all cost/damages/charges produced in relation to topics or conditions described in all articles or paragraphs of both sides of this rental agreement.

Article   5 - INSURANCE

1) The Third Party Insurance of the said vehicle is according to the terms and conditions of the relevant Insurance Policy with the Hire Risks Pool of which knowledge by the Hirer is confirmed and which he undertakes to observe. It does not cover the driver for death or injuries. A copy of the car insurance policy Is available to the Hirer at the  Owner's  main business establishment.

2. The Hirer hereby approves said policy and undertakes to observe the terms and conditions thereof. The Hirer further agrees to take all necessary steps to protect the interests of the Owner and it's Insurance company in case of accident during the term of this   Rental Contract, and in particular:

a) to report to Owner immediately any accident, theft, or fire, even partial, and concurrently to the police;

b) to include in this report the circumstances, date, place and address of the owner of the other vehicle involved, the number of such vehicle, the name of such owner's insurance company and the number of the policy;

c) to attach to such report any available police report;

d) in no event to discuss liability, deal or settle with parties relative to the accident. Any infraction of the above excludes customer from any insurance / CDW coverage.

3. Carried clothing goods, or any other articles are not covered.

4. The vehicle is insured only for the rental period shown on the reverse side of this page . Thereafter, unless an extension is agreed to, Owner declines all responsibility for accidents which the Hirer may have caused and for which he alone shall be responsible

5. Owner declines any responsibility for objects left in the vehicle.

6. Any damage resulting from poor or bad use of the vehicle, for example driving on poor or uneven roads .... will be borne by the Hirer.

7. Owner declines any responsibility to third parties for injury or damage that the Hirer may  cause  during  the  rental  period  if  he  has  willfully  supplied  the  owner  with false information as to his identity, his address or the validity of his driving license. In that case, the Hirer is not covered by the insurance policy.


Normal mechanical wear is for account of the owner. If the vehicle should be laid up, the repairs may be made only with the written agreement and according to the Instructions of the owner;  repairs must be covered by a receipted and itemized bill, with which the replaced defective parts must be presented.

Article  7 - PETROL AND OIL

Except if otherwise stated overleaf petrol or diesel are for the Hirer's account and are not refundable. The Hirer must take a standing check of the oil and water levels. He must present receipted bills in order to obtain reimbursement.

Article  8 - LIABILITY


The Hirer or approved drivers are criminally liable for infringements committed by them while driving the vehicle, as provided In the Highway code.


No amendment of terms and conditions of this contract is valid unless reduced to writing.


For any dispute relating to this contract and so far as permitted by Cyprus law:

-if the Hirer is an Individual, the court will be chosen according to the local law;

-if  the  Hirer  is  not  an  individual the court will be chosen exclusively according to the place where  the  Owner  has  his  registration office.

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